Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spotlight: "Herstory Writers Club"

In March, MCPL celebrated Women's History Month with a women's writers workshop. The Herstory workshop included exercises, writing prompts and other activities to inspire women to begin writing down and sharing the stories of their lives. We had so much fun that the workshop has turned into a club; today is our second meeting.

Soon, each of these "herstories" will be bound together and added to our Berea Room's local history collection. These women are truly talented and dedicated writers, and above that, they are fabulously interesting people.

Speaking of talent, here is an excerpt from the work of one of our Herstory members. Jean Harding, inspired by George Ella Lyon's poem "Where I'm From," penned her own version:

"I'm from the old house, by the side of the road/ Picking wild daisies by the wood fence; I'm from stringy hair and/ Shoes that wore out too soon; I'm from gritted corn bread, and water gravy too; (...) I'm from hard times and depression times to/ Looking out the window for Grandpa to hurry from the out house/ So we could eat our skimpy breakfast, yes and enjoy Mommy's/ Tiny biscuits smothered with black berry jam. (...) I'm from yesterday of long ago and memories that still linger on and/ take shape in my family today."

If you enjoy writing, particularly memoir writing, join our Herstory Writers Club. Our next meeting is Saturday, July 10, at 2PM. For questions and more info, contact Christina at either library location.

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